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Gallery of Third Party Pictures

Historical Papyrus in Five Pieces.
Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Theodora Wilbour.
Brooklyn Museum photograph.

Statue of a Mari Governor, Puzur Ishtar. 
Museum of Archaeology, Istanbul
Photograph: G. Dall’Orlo.

Royal Palace G, Ebla, Syria.
Author: GAR/Gianfranco Gazzetti

The mace handle of Hotepibre. 
Ebla, Syria.
Illustration by Khruner

Palace of Zimri Lim, Mari, Syria.
Photograph: Heretiq

Tell Jawa, Jordan.
Photograph: Ammar Khammash

Ancient Uruk, Sumer, Southern Iraq.
Photograph: SAC Andy Holms/MoD

Ancient Uruk, Sumer, Southern Iraq.
Photograph: British Museum.

Royal Palace G, Ebla, Syria. 
Author: GAR/Gianfranco Gazzetti

Tomb of Unas. Old Kingdom Pyramid Text.
Brooklyn Museum.

Coffin of Khnumhotep, Dynasty 12 Middle Kingdom . c. 1980-1800 B.C.E.
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Interior back panel of Governor Djehutynakht’s coffin.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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