(3:5) Part Three: The Great Migration
The Egyptian Origins of Cosmic Order

There is no seed of a god which has perished, neither (has he) who belongs to him. You will not perish, who belong to him. Re-Atum (the complete sun god) does not give you to Osiris (the god of the dead), he does not reckon your heart, he has no power over your breast. Re-Atum does not give you to Osiris, he has no power over your breast.

Utterance 215 (extract 145) from the Pyramid Texts of pharaoh Unas. 5th Dynasty, Old Kingdom (mid-24th century B.C.E.).
South Wall of the sarcophagus chamber (west to east).
Translations by Faulkner, Piankoff and Speleer.

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Part Three: The Great Migration.

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