(2:4) A Flight from Egypt or an Expulsion?

Our historical interpretation of the traditions found in Genesis and applied to the Exodus’ opening narrative, has highlighted some of the economic, social and religious pressures that are as relevant to today’s cosmopolitan societies as they were 4,000 years ago. Pharaoh as maintainer of ma’at, justice, balance and order, was responsible for championing a set of moral, spiritual, and civic responsibilities that fortify humanity, both individually and collectively. Yet our historical interpretation suggests that he was pursuing a sedentary agenda at the expense of the nomadic populous.

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Part One: Ancient Voices.

The following links reveal the Genesis connection to part one’s geographic and historic overview.

Part Two: Egypt’s Golden Age.

The following links explore the tensions behind Exodus and investigate Israel’s exit route.

Part Three: The Great Migration.

The following links reveal the remaining pieces of Egyptian evidence and retrace the Exodus route.

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