(1:2) Part One: Ancient Voices

Far from home, separated from his father, betrayed by his brothers, kidnapped by slave traders, surrounded by strangers, the writer says,

“The Lord was with Joseph.”

But Joseph, even though a slave, worked hard to please both master and Lord.

John Ortberg: If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat. c.2001 Zondervan.

Map: The ancient road network

The Ancient Road Network.
The major trade networks of the southern Levant.

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Part One: Ancient Voices.

The following links reveal the Genesis connection to part one’s geographic and historic overview.

Part Two: Egypt’s Golden Age.

The following links explore the tensions behind Exodus and investigate Israel’s exit route.

Part Three: The Great Migration.

The following links reveal the remaining pieces of Egyptian evidence and retrace the Exodus route.

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