(1:1) Part One: Ancient Voices

Joseph wore the robe.

The robe said he was the chosen one, the golden boy. It meant that he never had to wonder if his father loved him. It was the promise of a charmed life.

When his ten older brothers walked into the tent, their dad might have asked them how the flocks were doing or if they had completed their chores. When Joseph walked into the tent, their father’s eyes would light up and his face would beam.

Joseph was the son their dad would brag about in the pub. Joseph was allowed to stay up later, play longer, work less and get away with more than any of them. Joseph wore the robe. But every time he wore it, his brothers died a little inside. The robe became a reminder to them that they will never be loved by their father the way Joseph was loved.

John Ortberg: If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat. c.2001 Zondervan.

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Part One: Ancient Voices.

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