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This is the website of graphic designer and documentary filmmaker Stuart Fletcher. It contains additional footage and information acquired during film production, some of which was omitted or shortened due to the limitation of space or to avoid disrupting the natural flow of the story. This site also includes a bibliography of the papers, books and other material used during research acknowledging their authors. To all who have contributed to the making of these films, I thank you.

Joseph, Moses and Egypt’s Three Kingdoms

A three-part adventure through ancient Egypt, Canaan and the Old Testament.

In a detailed, comprehensive and visually stunning three-part adventure, three internationally respected scholars, Khaled Osman, Dr Leen Ritmeyer and Dr Troy Sagrillo, draw on an unprecedented range of historical and archaeological data from the ancient Near East and use it to paint a vibrant picture of the social and economic interaction between Egypt and the southern Levant (modern-day Israel, Jordan and Palestine) which underlies the biblical story of the Exodus.

Insights into the historicity of the Hebrew Bible.

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Part One: Ancient Voices

Part Two: Egypt’s Golden Age

Part Three: The Great Migration

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Jordan’s Royal Road

A scenic journey through historic Jordan, along the King’s Highway.

Starting in southern Syria and extending to the Red Sea, the King’s Highway winds south, following the mountain ridge east of the Dead Sea, through Jordan’s most spectacular scenery and a wealth of historical sites and locations familiar to us from the pages of the Bible.

In the company of archaeologist Sue Rollins (co-writer of the Blue Guide: Jordan) and biblical historian John Henson (author of Good as New), we explore the remains of these cities and retell the stories of the people who lived and worked within them.

Additional insights into historic Jordan.

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Jordan’s Royal Road

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